About Us

Porcelynne was created in 2002 by Jennifer Lynne Matthews-Fairbanks. The business has evolved over the years with adventures along on the way. Read more about the journey here.

Jennifer’s background is in intimate apparel design, education and writing. Over the years, she has learned to meld all her passions into one, writing about the things she loves to do, design and run a business.

In 2011, Jennifer created her publishing company, Fairbanks Publishing, with her husband David Fairbanks. If David were anyone else, he would have a hard time keeping up with Jennifer, but he is just as ambitions. A self taught web application developer, he is now the brain-child behind our upcoming software Epitome Inventory Management.

The entire marriage has been a collaboration and partnership of many. David has been there to support Jennifer’s educational and business endeavors, while Jennifer had supported David’s drive to design a software program that benefits the entire family.

Read more about our publishing business here.

In late 2014, Jennifer started working with Polytropon to bring PolyPattern into the eye of North American users. Through extensive training and use, Jennifer has become an accomplished user and representative of PolyPattern.

Over the years, as our business has gone through transitions and PolyPattern had been right there with us.

This website marries both our PolyPattern knowledge as well as our knowledge of the fashion industry to provide both a training platform and a resource for the North American reach of PolyPattern.