Bra Pattern Drafting Courses

Bra Pattern Drafting Course
This is a comprehensive video course that follows the drafting and a few of the sloper chapters in the book Bare Essentials: Bras. You should have the book in order to follow and take proper notes to steps in the video course, but students have been able to follow the course without the book as well. If you are utilizing the first or second edition, there are some changes that have been made to the third edition, but you should be able to follow most of the lessons. Just make notes in your older editions to update your information. I have broken all the videos into small steps. Videos may be as short as 30 seconds but as long as 10 minutes depending on what the discussion is about. While I do my best to provide the most professional presentation possible, I am doing everything - teaching, filming and editing. As a normal human and a mother, I often mix up my words. I have done my best to note on the screen when I was using the completely incorrect term. I am far from being a Craftsy class, so know what you are getting yourself into - a real human teacher who makes real human mistakes. This is advanced drafting material. If you have never drafted anything in your life, you will likely struggle with some of the basic terminology and drafting concepts. Please comment with questions at the end of the lesson you have a question on and I will respond and keep the comments live so everyone can benefit from the questions and answers. While I would love to provide unwavering and complete support for this class, I am physically and mentally not able to. I encourage you to join the Facebook group to post pictures and receive feedback on your progress from your peers. I do follow the group and comment when I am available to.

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Module 1 Introduction to the Course
Lesson 1 Introduction Video  - Preview
Module 2 Taking Measurements for the Draft
Lesson 1 Taking Measurements
Lesson 2 Wire Fitting and Measurements
Lesson 3 Using the Bra Making Calculator
Module 3 Drafting the Band
Lesson 1 Drafting the Front Band
Lesson 2 Demi Wire and Wire Tilt
Lesson 3 Drafting the Back Band
Lesson 4 Shaping the Band
Lesson 5 Seam Allowances for the Band
Lesson 6 Sewing the Fitting Band
Lesson 7 Fitting the Band
Module 4 Drafting the Cups
Lesson 1 Drafting the Circle and Splitting the Cup
Lesson 2 Adding the Cup Curves
Lesson 3 Matching the Cup to the Band Draft
Lesson 4 Cup Strap Point
Lesson 5 Demi Cup Draft
Lesson 6 Adding Seam Allowances to the Cup and Cutting
Lesson 7 Sewing the Cup into the Fitting Band
Lesson 8 Fitting the Cup
Module 5 Sloper Creation and Manipulation
Lesson 1 Create the Cup Sloper
Lesson 2 Create the Band Sloper
Lesson 3 Finalizing the Slopers
Lesson 4 Manipulating the Cup Sloper for a Stylized Cup Design
Lesson 5 Manipulating the Sloper for a Bralette
Lesson 6 Manipulating the Sloper for a Wireless Bra Design
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Bra Grading Course
Learn to grade bra patterns by hand. Most of these steps can be modified for grading in Illustrator. Pair these instructions with the Illustrator grading steps in the book to achieve the best possible grade. Due to the constant updates with Illustrator, it is impossible to create instructions for Illustrator without them going out of date too fast. This course walks you through the 3 basic grades that a bra must be graded for. The first lesson is on grading the band for various band sizes. The second lesson covers grading the band for various wire sizes. The third lesson covers grading a cup for a cup size. As an added bonus, I included a 4th type of grade that isn't in traditional bra grading. Grading a single cup size for various wires sizes. Whether you are trying to modify a pre-designed pattern or trying to create your own pattern set, this course is the ideal way to achieve either goal. The video course is broken down into small video clips of each step, some as short as 15 seconds and some as long as 5 depending on the information being explained. If you are interested in grading a range for your own business, I would like to recommend our partner's software PolyPattern Design Pro. Their software makes grading a breeze. To make life easier, I also created a specific PolyPattern Bra Grading Course. This hand drafting course is recommended to act as a companion to the computer grading course.

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Module 1 Bra Grading by Hand
Lesson 1 Introduction to Bra Pattern Grading  - Preview
Lesson 2 Grading a Band for Band Sizes
Lesson 3 Grading a Band for Wires
Lesson 4 Grading a Cup for a Cup Size
Lesson 5 Grading a Cup for Different Wires
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Eve Sloper Creation
This comprehensive video course teaches you how to turn the Eve Classic Bra or any simple 2-3 seamed bra cup into a bra sloper to create any design imaginable. Follow the Bare Essentials book or our Bra Sloper Design Classes to manipulate the Eve Classic into any design. This course is free to take. The Eve Classic offers a revolutionary new way to draft and grade patterns, so you can customize your size more than traditional bras. The Eve Classic cups are available in two varieties - the cups for Regular Wires, which feature a uniform cup shape with the apex centered in the cup and works for cup sizes A through DD. The cups for Vertical Wires feature a non-uniform cup shape with the apex shifted over about 10% of the total horizontal measurement. These cups work for F+ cup sizes. The Eve Classic bands and cups are sold separately, so you can customize your band size for your best fitting wire.

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Module 1 Creating the Eve Sloper
Lesson 1 Introduction to Creating the Sloper  - Preview
Lesson 2 Turning a Cup into a Sloper
Lesson 3 Turning the Band into a Sloper
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Full Bra Sloper Manipulation Course
Learn to draft your own designs with this Sloper Drafting and Manipulation Class. Prior to taking this class, you must first have a bra cup sloper either from your Bare Essentials draft or the Eve Classic. Please sign up and register for the Eve Classic Sloper Creation Course or draft your own pattern with our Bra Drafting Course, if you have not already created your sloper. This course includes 11 bra sloper designs. Two of the designs included are duplicated from the Bra Drafting Course. Because the 2 designs are repeated from the drafting course and many of you have taken the drafting course, those have not been factored into the pricing of this course. To create a sloper from an existing pattern or a draft, please register for our free Eve Sloper Creation Class.

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Module 1 Introduction to the Sloper Course
Lesson 1 Introduction to the Sloper Drafting Class  - Preview
Lesson 2 Introduction to the Calculators
Module 2 Difficulty Level 1 Designs
Lesson 1 Demi Cup and Band
Lesson 2 Drafting a Single Vertical Seam
Lesson 3 Frameless Band or Floating Cup Modification
Lesson 4 Back Band Modifications for Strap Placement
Lesson 5 Bralette Sloper Draft
Module 3 Difficulty Level 2 Designs
Lesson 1 Drafting a Triple Vertical Seamed Cup
Lesson 2 Drafting a Double Diagonal Seam
Module 4 Difficulty Level 3 Designs
Lesson 1 Drafting a Cup with a Powerbar and Horizontal Seam
Lesson 2 Diagonal Seam with Top Panel
Module 5 Difficulty Level 4 Designs
Lesson 1 Double Vertical Balconette Bra
Module 6 Difficulty Level 5 Designs
Lesson 1 Wireless Bra Design
Lesson 2 Creating the Cat's Eye Design
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