Certification & Training

Porcelynne is working on offering certification and online training for using our drafting techniques and methods. Once individuals complete our training course and final evaluations, they are approved by Jennifer Lynne Matthews-Fairbanks to teach, draft and design using her methods. This has been a lengthy process to develop, but we hope to officially launch our certification program by the end of 2022. Check back often to find out the status of this program development

While there are many avenues one may take with the knowledge provided through our books and online courses, we have separated our database into three major categories: Education, Drafting and Fitting, and Design Professionals.

To properly understand all aspects of the design process, we do require our certification seekers to work with individuals to trouble shoot fit and to work as a mentor for a beginners. While not all individuals will take the route of teaching, custom drafting and personal design work, all certification seekers must complete all training units, so they are proficient in all areas.

Requirements for Consideration of Certification

Complete Educational Training Course – for all certifications

  1. Produce a website to be approved by Porcelynne
  2. Produce and supply Porcelynne with copies of all syllabi, you plan to teach from, for review. This will be required for any class you would like to have listed on our website. This also includes class descriptions and required materials and/or supplied materials.
  3. Produce and supply Porcelynne a copy of your educational contract for students, including refund policies
  4. Produce a pricing list for your services and/or classes that will be listed on our website.
  5. Create all supplementary material for your courses and provide for peer review and feedback.

Complete Bare Essentials Bra Drafting Course – for bra drafting certification

  1. Complete the Educational Business Development Course, Bra Drafting Course, Bra Grading Course and Bra Sloper Course.
  2. Hire a mentor and work through provided homework given by the mentor. These include complicated and out of the ordinary drafts for challenging body shapes and sizes.
  3. Be an active member on the Support Group for 90 days, acting as a moderator. Active requires a minimum of 90 helpful comments, suggestions or recommendations. (This equates to 1 a day, but can be distributed in any form over the 90 days).
  4. Work with one support group member pro-bono to help them through a difficult draft with the support of the moderator group.
  5. Work with another moderator to create a draft along course to be organized, promoted and advertised by Porcelynne. More information on this in the Certification Course along with the compensation.
  6. Complete a minimum of 1 blog post for Porcelynne prior to receiving certification. These posts can also be on your own blog/website.
  7. Complete a minimum of 3 blog posts for your own blog/website prior to receiving certification.

Certification Renewal Requirements

  1. In the one year after being certified and each year thereafter, you must create 1 blog post for Porcelynne and a minimum of 5 blog posts on your own website per year.
  2. Swap at minimum 1 blog post with another moderator with links back to each other’s website to help cross-promote.
  3. Link/Logo to Porcelynne Supplies Website and Porcelynne Online Courses. Prefer affiliate links, but any links work.
  4. Provide updated biography, picture and course description in an ongoing basis. Please provide any new course descriptions through the year to be updated on our website.
  5. Updates ongoing to pricing changes and changes in policies.
  6. Keeping a presence in the support group and offering guidance at least two times a month to fellow drafters.
  7. Pay the Annual Renewal Fee.

Certification Perks with Annual Renewal

  1. Certification Badge for use with your website and any marketing material you create.
  2. Custom page on our Courses website with your profile picture, bio, list of services offered, class descriptions and a link to your schedule of classes. If this is created in an embed-able format, it will be added to your page. Google Calendar allows this.
  3. Complementary website hosting on our Amazon servers. This would require your own domain registration, but we can install WordPress or other shopping cart services on our servers.
  4. Earn double the affiliate referral rate for sales generated by your referrals on both our supply website and our courses website (20% affiliate rate).