Bra Grading Course

Learn to grade bra patterns by hand. Most of these steps can be modified for grading in Illustrator. Pair these instructions with the Illustrator grading steps in the book to achieve the best possible grade. Due to the constant updates with Illustrator, it is impossible to create instructions for Illustrator without them going out of date too fast.

This course walks you through the 3 basic grades that a bra must be graded for. The first lesson is on grading the band for various band sizes. The second lesson covers grading the band for various wire sizes. The third lesson covers grading a cup for a cup size.

As an added bonus, I included a 4th type of grade that isn't in traditional bra grading. Grading a single cup size for various wires sizes. Whether you are trying to modify a pre-designed pattern or trying to create your own pattern set, this course is the ideal way to achieve either goal. The video course is broken down into small video clips of each step, some as short as 15 seconds and some as long as 5 depending on the information being explained.

If you are interested in grading a range for your own business, I would like to recommend our partner's software PolyPattern Design Pro. Their software makes grading a breeze. To make life easier, I also created a specific PolyPattern Bra Grading Course. This hand drafting course is recommended to act as a companion to the computer grading course.

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Module 1 Bra Grading by Hand
Lesson 1 Introduction to Bra Pattern Grading  - Preview
Lesson 2 Grading a Band for Band Sizes
Lesson 3 Grading a Band for Wires
Lesson 4 Grading a Cup for a Cup Size
Lesson 5 Grading a Cup for Different Wires
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