Bra Pattern Drafting Course – Kristen Kemp Instructor

This comprehensive video course is part of a drafting bundle that includes purchase of the Third Edition of Bare Essentials: Bras, this video course, and access to Kristen as an instructor through the drafting and fitting process.

Jennifer has broken all the videos into small steps. Videos may be as short as 30 seconds but as long as 10 minutes depending on what the discussion is about.

A note from Jennifer: "While I do my best to provide the most professional presentation possible, I am doing everything - teaching, filming and editing. As a normal human and a mother, I often mix up my words. I have done my best to note on the screen when I was using the completely incorrect term. I am far from being a Craftsy class, so know what you are getting yourself into - a real human teacher who makes real human mistakes."

This is advanced drafting material. If you have never drafted anything in your life, you will likely struggle with some of the basic terminology and drafting concepts. This is precisely why we have collaborated to offer access to an instructor, so that you have the ability to talk it through with someone, while you're drafting. As part of the bundle, you will schedule a 10 day session with Kristen where she sets aside that time for just a couple students, so she isn't overloaded and can get to your questions.

Once your coaching session is over, you may comment with questions at the end of the lesson you have a question on and Kristen will respond and keep the comments live so everyone can benefit from the questions and answers. While Kristen would love to provide unwavering and complete support for everyone all the time, it's physically and mentally possible to do so.

We encourage you to join the Facebook group: Support for Bare Essentials (click here) to post pictures and receive feedback on your progress from your peers. Jennifer and Kristen both follow the group and comment when available.

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Module 1 Introduction to the Course
Lesson 1 Introduction Video
Module 2 Taking Measurements for the Draft
Lesson 1 Taking Measurements
Lesson 2 Wire Fitting and Measurements
Lesson 3 More Wire Considerations
Lesson 4 Measurements with Kristen
Lesson 5 Kristen Goes over the Math
Module 3 Bra Making Fabrics
Lesson 1 Basics of Bra Making Fabrics
Lesson 2 Fabrics and their stretch percentage
Module 4 Calculators
Lesson 1 Porcelynne's (free) Online Calculator
Lesson 2 Jane's Magical Calculator
Lesson 3 Using the Bra Making Calculator
Lesson 4 Manipulating the Calculator with Kristen
Module 5 Checklists, Diagrams, Wire Charts
Lesson 1 Checklists by Jane
Lesson 2 Visual Diagrams by Dale
Lesson 3 Porcelynne's Wire Charts
Module 6 Drafting the Band
Lesson 1 Kristen's Overview of the Band Draft
Lesson 2 Drafting the Front Band
Lesson 3 Demi Wire and Wire Tilt
Lesson 4 Drafting the Back Band
Lesson 5 Shaping the Band
Lesson 6 Seam Allowances for the Band
Lesson 7 Sewing the Fitting Band
Lesson 8 Fitting the Band
Module 7 Drafting the Cups
Lesson 1 Drafting the Circle and Splitting the Cup
Lesson 2 Adding the Cup Curves
Lesson 3 Matching the Cup to the Band Draft
Lesson 4 Cup Strap Point
Lesson 5 Demi Cup Draft
Lesson 6 Adding Seam Allowances to the Cup and Cutting
Lesson 7 Sewing the Cup into the Fitting Band
Lesson 8 Fitting the Cup
Module 8 Sloper Creation and Manipulation
Lesson 1 Create the Cup Sloper
Lesson 2 Create the Band Sloper
Lesson 3 Finalizing the Slopers
Lesson 4 Manipulating the Cup Sloper for a Stylized Cup Design
Lesson 5 Manipulating the Sloper for a Bralette
Lesson 6 Manipulating the Sloper for a Wireless Bra Design
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