Certification Course

This course is in testing and will be available shortly.


Module 1 Setting up a Website
Lesson 1 Creating a Website through WordPress or Other Platforms
Lesson 2 Create a Blogger Website
Lesson 3 Preparing for Your Website
Lesson 4 Build your Website Content
Lesson 5 Pages Versus Posts
Lesson 6 Custom Website Header/Logo
Lesson 7 Joining Our Affiliate Networks
Lesson 8 Adding Customizations
Module 2 Setting up Your Personal Page on Our Website
Lesson 1 Setting up a Personal Page on Our Course Website
Module 3 Setting up an Online Course on Porcelynne
Lesson 1 Uploading Videos for a Course on Porcelynne
Lesson 2 Creating a Course on Porcelynne
Module 4 Online Drafting Course
Lesson 1 Create your Content for your Graduation Bra Drafting Course
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