Eve Sloper Creation

This comprehensive video course teaches you how to turn the Eve Classic Bra or any simple 2-3 seamed bra cup into a bra sloper to create any design imaginable. Follow the Bare Essentials book or our Bra Sloper Design Classes to manipulate the Eve Classic into any design. This course is free to take.

The Eve Classic offers a revolutionary new way to draft and grade patterns, so you can customize your size more than traditional bras. The Eve Classic cups are available in two varieties - the cups for Regular Wires, which feature a uniform cup shape with the apex centered in the cup and works for cup sizes A through DD. The cups for Vertical Wires feature a non-uniform cup shape with the apex shifted over about 10% of the total horizontal measurement. These cups work for F+ cup sizes.

The Eve Classic bands and cups are sold separately, so you can customize your band size for your best fitting wire.

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Module 1 Creating the Eve Sloper
Lesson 1 Introduction to Creating the Sloper  - Preview
Lesson 2 Turning a Cup into a Sloper
Lesson 3 Turning the Band into a Sloper
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