Fashion Illustration Course

This illustration course was originally designed as training material for instructors teaching at Porcelynne's Design Institute. The book Drawing Fashion was created from the original outline we taught from. This course is instructed by Han Vu, one of our instructors and an instrumental individual in the development of the book.

Drawing Fashion was passed over to Vasanthi Puttigampu for completion. While, Vasanthi's and Han's techniques vary, this course shows a different approach to fashion illustration. Every teacher has their own techniques for instructing and many techniques are easier to explain by the physical act of demonstration. We altered the book for the easiest approach to achieve a similar result.

This course was not filmed with the intention of creating a course, but the information is invaluable, so I opted to release it. Please note that this was filmed during business hours in my store and contain a lot of background noise. There is a lot of good information that is spoken, but if you are easily distracted, you can watch the video and listen to the audio and then re-watch the videos on mute to get the full experience.

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Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Introduction to Fashion Illustration  - Preview
Module 2 Gesture & Warmup Exercises
Lesson 1 Gesture Drawings
Lesson 2 Skeletal Gesture Drawings
Module 3 Simple Poses
Lesson 1 8 Head Versus 10 Head
Lesson 2 Straight Views
Module 4 Movement Poses
Lesson 1 Simple Movement
Lesson 2 Shading Techniques
Lesson 3 Movement with Shadows
Module 5 Head Poses
Lesson 1 Head Poses
Module 6 Hand & Feet Poses
Lesson 1 Feet and Hands
Module 7 Clothing Studies
Lesson 1 Garment Studies Introduction
Lesson 2 Skirts
Lesson 3 Pants
Lesson 4 Tops
Lesson 5 Dress
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