Full Bra Sloper Manipulation Course

Learn to draft your own designs with this Sloper Drafting and Manipulation Class. Prior to taking this class, you must first have a bra cup sloper either from your Bare Essentials draft or the Eve Classic. Please sign up and register for the Eve Classic Sloper Creation Course or draft your own pattern with our Bra Drafting Course, if you have not already created your sloper.

This course includes 11 bra sloper designs. Two of the designs included are duplicated from the Bra Drafting Course.

Because the 2 designs are repeated from the drafting course and many of you have taken the drafting course, those have not been factored into the pricing of this course.

To create a sloper from an existing pattern or a draft, please register for our free Eve Sloper Creation Class.

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Module 1 Introduction to the Sloper Course
Lesson 1 Introduction to the Sloper Drafting Class  - Preview
Lesson 2 Introduction to the Calculators
Module 2 Difficulty Level 1 Designs
Lesson 1 Demi Cup and Band
Lesson 2 Drafting a Single Vertical Seam
Lesson 3 Frameless Band or Floating Cup Modification
Lesson 4 Back Band Modifications for Strap Placement
Lesson 5 Bralette Sloper Draft
Module 3 Difficulty Level 2 Designs
Lesson 1 Drafting a Triple Vertical Seamed Cup
Lesson 2 Drafting a Double Diagonal Seam
Module 4 Difficulty Level 3 Designs
Lesson 1 Drafting a Cup with a Powerbar and Horizontal Seam
Lesson 2 Diagonal Seam with Top Panel
Module 5 Difficulty Level 4 Designs
Lesson 1 Double Vertical Balconette Bra
Module 6 Difficulty Level 5 Designs
Lesson 1 Wireless Bra Design
Lesson 2 Creating the Cat's Eye Design
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