PolyPattern Bra Grading Course

This course is designed as an accompaniment to the hand grading course. Not all grading information is provided in this course, as this is more on how to grade with the software and less about the grading itself. For professional drafters, the hand grading course may not be necessary, but just encouraged.

This course covers the 3 basic types of grading required for bra grading. A 4th method is introduced for grading a cup size for several wire sizes. This method is fairly unique in drafting, but opens the possibilities of fitting to many more users.

All grading is done with PolyPattern and includes importing into Illustrator from a scan, exporting into PolyPattern and exporting from PolyPattern to create a downloadable pattern. It is encouraged for you to take the hand grading course prior to taking the PolyPattern Bra Grading Course to fully understand the grading. If you are digitizing a pattern within PolyPattern, I have additional YouTube videos on that process as well as in the PolyPattern Training Course.

Other CAD programs likely have similar tools. This course may be useful for other software if you are proficient enough in those softwares to know how to translate these instructions for your use.

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Module 1 Grading with PolyPattern
Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Preparing with File with Illustrator
Lesson 3 Band Grading in PolyPattern
Lesson 4 Grading the Cups
Lesson 5 Finalizing PDF Patterns the Easy Way
Lesson 6 Finalizing the PDF Output - the Complicated but Fancy Way
Module 2 Grading for a Frameless Band
Lesson 1 Grading for a Frameless Band
Module 3 Creating a Pattern Layout
Lesson 1 Creating a Pattern Layout
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