PolyPattern Training Course

This is a self-guided written training course for the PolyPattern pattern making software. This essentially is a training manual. If you prefer a printed manual, you will have access to it with the purchase of this course.

If you are purchasing the software directly through us, you will automatically be enrolled in this course at checkout. As time progresses, new features are released and some items may change how the function, if you are going through the training and have specific questions, please ask them at the end of the unit. I will address all questions and clarify or publish a response on how to handle the question you have.

This course offers basic operational information as well as structured tutorials designed to utilize a wide variety of the tools available with PolyPattern. This course will be updated for use with certain software updates.

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Module 1 Getting Started
Lesson 1 Opening PolyPattern
Lesson 2 Key Activation
Lesson 3 Set Up General Preferences
Lesson 4 Set Up Undo Preferences
Lesson 5 Set Up Plotting/Printing Preferences
Lesson 6 Set Your Size Preferences
Lesson 7 Set Up Your Appearance Preferences
Module 2 Menus and Tools
Lesson 1 PolyPattern Interface Layout
Lesson 2 The Menu Bar
Lesson 3 The Palette Bar
Lesson 4 Keyboard Input
Module 3 Using Tools and Snaps
Lesson 1 Selection of a Pattern
Lesson 2 Starting a Pattern with a Rectangle
Lesson 3 Starting a Pattern with a Circle
Lesson 4 Starting a Pattern with a Polygon
Lesson 5 Adding Points to a Pattern
Lesson 6 Moving a Point on a Pattern
Lesson 7 Deleting a Point on a Pattern
Lesson 8 Turning a Vertex into a Notch
Lesson 9 Placing an Interior Point
Lesson 10 Making a Curve from Straight Boundaries
Lesson 11 Changing Curve Points on a Boundary
Lesson 12 Modifying Curves
Lesson 13 Duplicating Patterns
Lesson 14 Splitting Patterns
Lesson 15 Joining Patterns
Lesson 16 Measuring Patterns
Lesson 17 Aligning Points on a Patterns
Lesson 18 Rotating Patterns
Lesson 19 Flipping Patterns
Lesson 20 Folding/Unfolding Patterns
Lesson 21 Extracting Patterns
Module 4 Patterns and Garments
Lesson 1 Create a New Garment
Lesson 2 Opening an Existing Garment
Lesson 3 Change Rulers on a garment
Lesson 4 Defining and Changing the Size Set
Lesson 5 Changing the Basic Size
Lesson 6 Showing Sizes on Your Screen
Lesson 7 Adding and Changing Seam Allowance
Lesson 8 Modifying Seam Corners
Lesson 9 Modifying Notches
Lesson 10 Adding a Hem
Lesson 11 Creating a Facing
Lesson 12 Adding Pleats and Pleated Darts
Lesson 13 Adding Darts
Lesson 14 Modify a Dart
Lesson 15 Spiral Patterns
Lesson 16 Pattern Grading
Lesson 17 Adding Pattern Shrinkage
Lesson 18 Adding and Editing Garment Information
Lesson 19 Add Patterns to a Garment
Lesson 20 Remove Patterns from a Garment
Lesson 21 Locating the Specific Pattern in a Garment
Lesson 22 Defining Patterns for the Right or Left Side of the Garment
Lesson 23 Check a Garment for Errors
Lesson 24 Setting the Output Area
Lesson 25 Set Output Options
Lesson 26 Preparing Adobe Illustrator files for PolyPattern Import
Lesson 27 Importing Files into PolyPattern
Lesson 28 Digitizing Patterns
Module 5 Drafting a Knit Bodice Block - Practical Exercise
Lesson 1 Back Draft
Lesson 2 Front Draft
Lesson 3 Sleeve Draft
Lesson 4 Grading the Front
Lesson 5 Grading the Back
Lesson 6 Grading the Sleeve
Module 6 Drafting a Basic Bodice - Practical Exercise
Lesson 1 Back Bodice Draft
Lesson 2 Front Bodice Draft
Module 7 Drafting a Vest from the Basic Bodice - Practical Exercise
Lesson 1 Drafting a Vest Pattern
Lesson 2 Grading the Vest Pattern
Lesson 3 Create a Dimension Table
Lesson 4 Add Seam Allowance
Lesson 5 Create Facings
Lesson 6 Adding the Patterns into the Garment
Module 8 Version 9 Updates
Lesson 1 Importing Images and Exporting SVG
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