Sloper Drafting Class – Single Vertical Seam – Difficulty Level 1

Utilize the sloper you created in the Bra Drafting Course or with the Eve Classic Sloper Creation Class to create this vertical seamed cup design.

This video course walks you through the steps of a draft with short video segments to make the information palatable. Note that not all drafters have success with the same drafts. This can vary based on breast shape and size.

This sloper manipulation is one of the easier designs to adapt from a bra sloper. While this design is relatively easy to create, note that this design is not suitable for a large cup size. This design is better for cups up to a DD cup size. This design is ideal in understanding how the sloper is split and is a great first class to take in bra sloper drafting.

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Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Introduction to the Sloper Drafting Class
Lesson 2 Introduction to the Calculators
Module 2 Sloper Manipulation
Lesson 1 Drafting a Single Vertical Seam
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