Epitome Inventory and Order Management

Small Business is Our Priority

Epitome is a versatile program built for both small and growing businesses. While the program started as a way to keep our own inventory levels in sync across numerous sales channels, it has grown into a program than can truly help your business reach new goals. Free up your time from updating inventory levels and setting your prices to focus on the part of the business you love the most, making a profit.

Epitome can be an asset to your business, whether you have one sale a month or 1000 sales a month. Our volume pricing model grows with you. When your sales are low, so are your fees. Your subscription automatically adjusts based on your number of sales. Add or remove features at any time. Suggest feature changes and additions. We are a small business and look at every request as if it were our own. Ask us questions and actually communicate with a real person. Epitome is built for you.

Small Business Orientated

“Epitome was created to help my own small business grow. With a sewing supply business, I deal with many small items that cost very little. Finding a software that wasn’t cost prohibitive in the early stages of my business growth was difficult. I resorted to spreadsheets, but I constantly searched for a program that could grow with my business.

“Software, with the features we needed, cost more than our little business would make. The cheap software did less than what my spreadsheets could do.

“My husband got tired of my complaints and wrote a quick program for me 6 years ago, in order to help keep my inventory in sync. I had just started selling on Amazon and they ding you for cancelling orders. The quick little program turned into my personal ‘honey do’ project.

“As my business began to grow, so did my need for a more robust software. We added this and that, and my business went from earning a couple hundred a month, to several thousand a month. But more importantly, we built my supply business, Porcelynne, into a business that supports our family.

“Epitome helped me get organized. I no longer have to guess whether my prices are covering our expenses and salaries. I know because I calculate my prices based those factors. I ditched those spreadsheets forever.”     — Jennifer Fairbanks, Porcelynne.com