PolyPattern Frequent Asked Questions

What operating system do I need to run PolyPattern?

PolyPattern is a Windows based program and can run on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Does your programs run on a Macintosh?

PolyPattern does not have an OSX version, but can be run on a virtual machine. Examples of virtual machines include VirtualBox or Parallels. To run a virtual machine, one must also have a Windows license which can be purchased for approximately $100. Note that the price of an inexpensive laptop personal computer may be comparable to running Parallels with a Windows license. Here are the links for Parallels and VirtualBox.

Do I need an active internet connection?

No. Internet connection is not needed.

Can I open patterns from your software in other software programs?

Yes. It does require an export, but can the exported file can me read by most pattern software that read DXF files.

Can I scan in pictures and make patterns?

No. Patterns can be imported through a digitizing tablet. Porcelynne offers additional services where we offer digitizing and grading of patterns.

Can I use a digitizing tablet?

Yes. Most digitizing tablets are compatible. We personally use the GTCO Roll-up.

How are the patterns printed?

Patterns can be printed on any printer or plotter that is compatible with your computer. You can also print to a PDF. Printing to PDF can have restrictions, which is why we recommend printing to a PDF with CutePDF. One a pattern is printed to a PDF, it can be opened in illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Can I sell patterns created in your software?

Absolutely Yes! We encourage you to create your own patterns and sell them. If you are using a pre-designed pattern created by one of our team members, you cannot sell the pattern as-is. There must be significant changes made to the pattern. We are happy to review any pattern to ensure it does not infringe on our own copyrighted patterns.

Can I make doll patterns, animal clothes or bag patterns?

Absolutely Yes! You can create any pattern imaginable, whether it be human, doll, animal or accessory.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Educational facilities can use our software free of charge with approved application. An online training package is available for schools.

How many computers can I activate my software on?

You can place the software on all your computers, although only one can be used at a time. A USB Key is required for software activation on the device being used. If the USB key is lost or stolen, you can purchase a replacement key for $65.

Can I sell my software and transfer the license?

Yes. Support for the software is only included for the first year of use. Additional support and online training can be purchased by the new user of the software.

Do you offer training?

We offer online training through our online classes. Individual training starts at $65 an hour.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards, checks and money orders. We presently do not offer wire transfers.

What is your refund and return policy?

Digital products and classes are non-refundable. All physical products can be returned at your expense within 30 days.

Are programs available on CD.

No. You can download and burn a disk with the software for a backup.