Inventory Management Software

Epitome Inventory Management is designed around the needs of a small business. Integration tools are built to work with many eCommerce marketplaces including Etsy, Amazon, Walmart and Ebay as well as wholesale channels such as Faire. With a small staff, we can easily incorporate additional syncing with new marketplaces to make Epitome Inventory Management an active part of your business.

Our multichannel inventory sync works seamlessly with the shopping carts BigCommerce, Shopify and ZenCart. All orders are automatically imported into one seamless interface where packing slips can be created with one click for easy order processing. Order importing automatically updates quantities to prevent overselling.

Need to update your prices across one sales channel? Use our pricing tools to automate your markup and/or shipping costs to achieve the best possible return on your investment. And to help your business cash flow, our pricing automatically adjusts to the lowest price available based on the last 30 days of sales and the the features you have enabled. Slow month? Smaller bill.

With so many options out there, how do you decide what you need to succeed? We encourage you to make a list of your absolute must haves and see if we can check off items on your list.