Introduction to the Course

In this course, I utilize both written instructions as well as video tutorials. This course is designed to help train someone in the field of teaching sewing or pattern making. The first several modules go through the steps of brainstorming, syllabus writing, pricing and handling a classroom.

Throughout the course, videos are presented in small segments to cover specific topics. Some videos may have abrupt beginnings or endings. While I have a lot of great information to provide, I am not a professional video editor, so prepare for learning some valuable tips, with the polar opposite of Hollywood film editing.

The last few modules are the actual training material I created for three of the courses we taught at our school in California. I have provided all the course handouts and instructions for teaching these 8 week courses. There is a lot of great training information in these courses even if you never plan to teach these courses. You are free to teach these courses and use the material I created for the courses. This course is a requirement for our certification program.

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