Bra Pattern Drafting Course – Kristen Kemp Instructor

This comprehensive video course is part of a drafting bundle that includes purchase of the Third Edition of Bare Essentials: Bras, this video course, and access to Kristen as an instructor through the drafting and fitting process.

Jennifer has broken all the videos into small steps. Videos may be as short as 30 seconds but as long as 10 minutes depending on what the discussion is about.

A note from Jennifer: "While I do my best to provide the most professional presentation possible, I am doing everything - teaching, filming and editing. As a normal human and a mother, I often mix up my words. I have done my best to note on the screen when I was using the completely incorrect term. I am far from being a Craftsy class, so know what you are getting yourself into - a real human teacher who makes real human mistakes."

This is advanced drafting material. If you have never drafted anything in your life, you will likely struggle with some of the basic terminology and drafting concepts. This is precisely why we have collaborated to offer access to an instructor, so that you have the ability to talk it through with someone, while you're drafting. As part of the bundle, you will schedule a 10 day session with Kristen where she sets aside that time for just a couple students, so she isn't overloaded and can get to your questions.

Once your coaching session is over, you may comment with questions at the end of the lesson you have a question on and Kristen will respond and keep the comments live so everyone can benefit from the questions and answers. While Kristen would love to provide unwavering and complete support for everyone all the time, it's physically and mentally possible to do so.

We encourage you to join the Facebook group: Support for Bare Essentials (click here) to post pictures and receive feedback on your progress from your peers. Jennifer and Kristen both follow the group and comment when available.

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Business Entrepreneurship

This course is in the process of testing and should be available in July/August 2021.

January 2021 Live Draft Along

The January 2021 Live Draft Along is hosted by Jane Ramsay and Kristen Kemp, moderators of the Support Group for Bare Essentials. Both women have a unique style and way of presenting material, so you are encouraged to watch both presentations.

This course is no longer available for purchase. If you purchased this course, you have forever access to this course.

Fashion Illustration Course

This illustration course was originally designed as training material for instructors teaching at Porcelynne's Design Institute. The book Drawing Fashion was created from the original outline we taught from. This course is instructed by Han Vu, one of our instructors and an instrumental individual in the development of the book.

Drawing Fashion was passed over to Vasanthi Puttigampu for completion. While, Vasanthi's and Han's techniques vary, this course shows a different approach to fashion illustration. Every teacher has their own techniques for instructing and many techniques are easier to explain by the physical act of demonstration. We altered the book for the easiest approach to achieve a similar result.

This course was not filmed with the intention of creating a course, but the information is invaluable, so I opted to release it. Please note that this was filmed during business hours in my store and contain a lot of background noise. There is a lot of good information that is spoken, but if you are easily distracted, you can watch the video and listen to the audio and then re-watch the videos on mute to get the full experience.

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PolyPattern Bra Grading Course

This course is designed as an accompaniment to the hand grading course. Not all grading information is provided in this course, as this is more on how to grade with the software and less about the grading itself. For professional drafters, the hand grading course may not be necessary, but just encouraged.

This course covers the 3 basic types of grading required for bra grading. A 4th method is introduced for grading a cup size for several wire sizes. This method is fairly unique in drafting, but opens the possibilities of fitting to many more users.

All grading is done with PolyPattern and includes importing into Illustrator from a scan, exporting into PolyPattern and exporting from PolyPattern to create a downloadable pattern. It is encouraged for you to take the hand grading course prior to taking the PolyPattern Bra Grading Course to fully understand the grading. If you are digitizing a pattern within PolyPattern, I have additional YouTube videos on that process as well as in the PolyPattern Training Course.

Other CAD programs likely have similar tools. This course may be useful for other software if you are proficient enough in those softwares to know how to translate these instructions for your use.

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Bra Grading Course

Learn to grade bra patterns by hand. Most of these steps can be modified for grading in Illustrator. Pair these instructions with the Illustrator grading steps in the book to achieve the best possible grade. Due to the constant updates with Illustrator, it is impossible to create instructions for Illustrator without them going out of date too fast.

This course walks you through the 3 basic grades that a bra must be graded for. The first lesson is on grading the band for various band sizes. The second lesson covers grading the band for various wire sizes. The third lesson covers grading a cup for a cup size.

As an added bonus, I included a 4th type of grade that isn't in traditional bra grading. Grading a single cup size for various wires sizes. Whether you are trying to modify a pre-designed pattern or trying to create your own pattern set, this course is the ideal way to achieve either goal. The video course is broken down into small video clips of each step, some as short as 15 seconds and some as long as 5 depending on the information being explained.

If you are interested in grading a range for your own business, I would like to recommend our partner's software PolyPattern Design Pro. Their software makes grading a breeze. To make life easier, I also created a specific PolyPattern Bra Grading Course. This hand drafting course is recommended to act as a companion to the computer grading course.

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Kid’s Introductory Sewing Course

This is an introductory course to introduce sewing to children. This course is completely free and so are the supplies for the course. The supplies are available on our website. Just pay shipping and get your own kit.

The first lesson covers how to thread a large eyed needle using embroidery floss and a needle threader. It also covers placing a simple knot in the thread and the sewing motion of going in and out the fabric.

The second lesson reviews threading and shows how to thread a smaller eyed needle. The student is instructed how to sew a 2 hole button and a 4 hole button onto a piece of fabric. The stitched exampled in this lesson is a chain stitch.

The third lesson creates a pumpkin pin cushion. Students are shown how to sew around the outside of a circle, pull the thread to create a pouch, then stuff it full. The student then stitches around the puff ball to create their own styled pumpkin pin cushion. A button is added to the top.

All lessons are demonstrated by Jennifer and then are replicated by Emily in a lengthier video. She was really excited to teach also.

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