Online Courses

PolyPattern Training Course

This is a self-guided training course for the PolyPattern pattern making software. Monthly subscribers of the software will receive access throughout the length of their subscription. Users with a perpetual license purchased through Porcelynne will have access to this course for one year. When ordering the software through the website, you will automatically be enrolled in this course.

This course offers basic operational information as well as structured tutorials designed to utilize a wide variety of the tools available with PolyPattern. This course will be updated for use with all software updates.

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PolyPattern Demonstration Course

This is a self-guided demo course for the PolyPattern pattern making software. This course is automatically available once you download the demo software. Take PolyPattern for a test drive and see what this software has to offer.

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Bra Pattern Drafting Course

This is a video course that follows the drafting and a few of the sloper chapters in the book Bare Essentials: Bras. You will need the book in order to follow and take proper notes to steps in the video course.

I have broken my videos into steps, so videos may be as short as 30 seconds but as long as 10 minutes depending on what the discussion is about.

While I do my best to provide the most professional presentation possible, I am doing everything - teaching, filming and editing. As a normal human and a mother, I often mix up my words. I have done my best to note on the screen when I was using the completely incorrect term. I am far from being a Craftsy class, so know what you are getting yourself into - a real human teacher who makes real human mistakes.

This is advanced drafting material. If you have never drafted anything in your life, you will likely struggle with some of the basic terminology and drafting concepts. Please comment with questions at the end of the lesson you have a question on and I will respond and keep the comments live so everyone can benefit from the questions and answers. While I would love to provide unwavering and complete support for this class, I am physically and mentally not able to. I encourage you to join the Facebook group to post pictures and receive feedback on your progress from your peers. I do follow the group and comment when I am available to.

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Education Business Development

This course is part of the certification program that will be offered by Porcelynne for their drafting techniques.