PolyPattern Marker

To streamline the production process, PolyPattern Design Pro works directly with PolyPattern Marker and AutoMarker. Import any garment created in PolyPattern Design Pro.

The main difference between Marker and AutoMarker is the ability to automate marker creation with AutoMarker. Marker only allows manual marker layout, while AutoMarker optimizes the best possible use of fabric for a marker.

On average, AutoMarker saves users approximately 8% more fabric than manual laying out the pattern pieces.

As a pattern maker, I find that AutoMaker is the ideal companion to my garment costing. I can accurately calculate how much fabric is needed for a production run or for just one set of production samples.

Here some of the features of each marker software option. Note that AutoMarker includes everything in the Marker.


  • Customize marker layout with one or multiple pattern sets.
  • Manually place markers with Marker software.
  • Set fabric width, direction and selvage edge, including assignment of tubular and folded fabrics.
  • Correct orientation for left and right sides.
  • Create block fusing pieces.
  • Indicate buffers or blocks to restrict pattern layout for fabric irregularities.
  • Automatically adjust patterns for fabric shrinkage.
  • Instant marker update for changes made to the pattern in Design Pro.
  • Manage fabric repeat and stripes.
  • Designate fabric cost in weight or length to calculate total cost.


  • Select pattern pieces and sizes to automatically run marker layouts.
  • Create blocks for pattern sizes or nest all patterns together based on fabric grain.
  • Set select patterns manually and run the remaining pattern pieces automatically for most efficient layout.
  • Optimize fabric orders by ordering the right amount of fabric in both quantity and width.

Take PolyPattern for a test drive by downloading the Demo Version. With the demo download you will automatically be enrolled in the Demo Course for PolyPattern Design Pro. Note that there currently is not a demo course for Marker or AutoMarker. This is in the works and will be added shortly.