PolyPattern Software

Porcelynne is the North American partner of PolyPattern. It has been an honor to be able to learn and use PolyPattern Design Pro and AutoMarker for the last 4 years. We are now working to make it more accessible to Canadian, Mexican and US pattern makers and designers.

In cooperation with PolyTropon, we have created an online training course for North American users and made the purchase and subscription price attainable for all designers in our region.

Utilizing a CAD or computer aided design program to develop and refine patterns makes the design process more efficient. Traditionally, when patterns are drafted and graded by hand, there are chances for human error. Patterns created or altered in a CAD software makes it easier to ensure that seams match and the grade is exact.

For hand drafters, the easiest transition into CAD is transforming a hand drafted pattern into a digital pattern. This can be done by digitizing an existing pattern or creating a map from a draft and re-creating it into the software. For individuals who do not have access to digitizing tools, Porcelynne can assist in the digitization process.

As a hand drafter, I began this journey by first digitizing my patterns. I use the GTCO Calcomp Roll-Up Digitizer so it takes up less space when not in use. The software makes it easy for me to refine my patterns and alter the seam lengths with a tap of the keyboard. PolyPattern made grading a breeze. What used to take hours to grade a pattern by hand, took only minutes to implement and test my pattern sets with minimal errors, if any at all.

As a small business owner, a pattern maker and designer, it is required that I use my time efficiently in all aspects of my work. I work freelance for others developing and grading patterns and only recently started creating my own patterns for download. PolyPattern has become the perfect option for my business.

PolyPattern is easy to use once you understand all its capabilities and can be an ideal software solution for you too, whether you are a pattern maker, a production facility or a designer.

Take this chance to optimize and change how you create and design patterns. Do you want to know just a little bit more by trying it out? Download our demo and play around with it yourself.

Read more about PolyPattern Design Pro and PolyPattern Marker.

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

-Jennifer Fairbanks
Owner and Designer at Porcelynne