Bra Grading Course


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This course goes through 4 different types of grading. Three types are traditional and used in my book and the 4th is how to grade a single cup for multiple wires, a techniques I use for my own patterns to make the patterns more versatile. All grading in these classes is done by hand, but can easily be adapted to illustrator in conjunction with the book. Illustrator changes their program far too frequently to keep up to date on a grading course with Illustrator. A separate bra grading course is available for PolyPattern. This course is recommended prior to the PolyPattern grading course.

The bra grading course follows the book closely, but you do not need the book in order to take this grading course. The stretch reduction chart is the only item in the book you would need to reference and you may be able to zoom in on the video to see it.

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