Sewing Classes

Kid's Introductory Sewing Course
This is an introductory course to introduce sewing to children. This course is completely free and so are the supplies for the course. The supplies are available on our website. Just pay shipping and get your own kit. The first lesson covers how to thread a large eyed needle using embroidery floss and a needle threader. It also covers placing a simple knot in the thread and the sewing motion of going in and out the fabric. The second lesson reviews threading and shows how to thread a smaller eyed needle. The student is instructed how to sew a 2 hole button and a 4 hole button onto a piece of fabric. The stitched exampled in this lesson is a chain stitch. The third lesson creates a pumpkin pin cushion. Students are shown how to sew around the outside of a circle, pull the thread to create a pouch, then stuff it full. The student then stitches around the puff ball to create their own styled pumpkin pin cushion. A button is added to the top. All lessons are demonstrated by Jennifer and then are replicated by Emily in a lengthier video. She was really excited to teach also.

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Module 1 Beginner Lessons
Lesson 1 Lesson 1 - How to Thread a Needle and Hand Sew
Lesson 2 Lesson 2 - Sewing a Button and a Chain Stitch
Lesson 3 Lesson 3 - Making a Pin Cushion
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